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jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

♥Black Fire Pub (english)

"Wait! I go with you! You can't walk alone through the streets, you're too drunk.." Laurent cry from the other side, at the entrance of Black Fire Pub.I told him that I was okay. Then I felt that he came behind me and then I started to accelerate my steps slowly to finish running through the dark alleys of the city.I felt a tremor throughout the body, then I stopped breathlessly. I looked back and at that time I would that Laurent was there to hug me.. but the place was deserted .. had not any soul ..I kept walking disoriented hoping to find someone to guide me the way to go to the city center. Yes, just around the corner I found someone .. a man about 40 years old.. But I couldn't watch him well, I just saw darkness, shadows, and that curious body ..I decided to approach him, because I was too far to see him. I felt so strong pain in my head .. and I couldn't breathe.I didnt feel my legs .. I could only feel the cold air blast that shook my body. I walked down the alley and I can to see the face of the man thanks to the brightness of the moon.He had a scar on his neck and I saw a tattoo on his head. He was tall, and he is wearing dark trousers and a green anorak.Then the man moved, he turned to me. That face that I can't ever forget ..He was in front of mine, he didn't said anything. I only could hear my heart beating faster than normal .. The man smiled and took me. I simply get carried away..I didn't know what to do.
He took
me to a local that gave off a strong odor. I started to get dizzy but the man held me hard .. until we reach some stairs leading down to the basement. Then he let me go and, without any resistance, I fell rolling down, step by step .. I could feel the shocks in my head .. it were terrible .. then I hit to the ground .. wet and cold .. and I felt a slight prick in the neck and everything went black ..The only thing I remember is that I woke up on a couch in the middle of an alleyway .. I was in the same alley where he found me.I simply was wearing a dirty white shirt and battered.I felt that I hasn't underwear, I understood that had happened .. I just wanted to get to my floor and hit me a cold shower .. very cold ..
I walk down the main street and I met an old woman, I approached to ask for help but she was running away .. Then I felt so
mething in my heart that made me break to mourn .. I felt empty .. alone .. weak .. but then I saw a familiar face .. Laurent?It was too much coincidence .. but at that time I didn't stop to think that there .. I was fine because I find my best friend, who offered me his coat and gave me that hug that both hoped the previous night ..

Sorry for my bad english e.e'

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